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Computers & Networks

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Install / Repair

Hardware Install
• Install an external or internal computer component such as a hard drive or a printer
• Install any software that was included and needed for functionality
• Configure the PC component for usage
In-store: $39.99
On-site: $139.99

Software Install
• Determine the compatibility for and install or repair and configure one software title
• Perform any necessary software upgrades
• Create shortcuts on the desktop, start menu, & quick launch bar
Remote: $39.99
In-store: $19.99

Computer Hardware Repair
Do you have water damage to your keyboard or a broken fan belt? If so, we at Geeks for You can help. We offer in-store help at low prices and in a timely manner. We can take care of almost any need that you have. Just call us or come by and we can get your order started.
Software Repair Starts at: $189.99
Hardware Repair or Upgrades Start at: $19.99

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