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Speaker Installation

Speaker Installation
Service Level: Home Theater Up to 2.1 Up to 5.1
On-site price $139.99 $189.99 $489.99
What's Included:      
Unpack & set-up TV Yes No No
Hook up & configure new or existing audio & video components Up to 7 Up to 7 Up to 7
Neatly dress exposed wires Yes Yes Yes
Position speakers to operate up to a 7.1 speaker system Yes Yes Yes
Assemble customer supplied speaker stands Yes Yes Yes
Mount speakers on or in-wall, or in-ceiling with customer supplied mounts No Up to 2 Up to 2
Mount soundbar and hide wires No Yes Yes
Includes basic high-quality speaker wire Yes Yes Yes
Basic Audio Calibration Yes Yes Yes
Program cable or satellite box remote to operate installed components Yes Yes Yes
Educational demonstration on new system Yes Yes Yes
Clean up & remove packaging Yes Yes Yes
Haul-away and Recycling of one (1) TV Free with purchase Free with purchase Add $99.99
Add a Device to an Existing Network Add $39.99 Add $39.99 Add $39.99
Remote Control Programming Add $89.99 Add $89.99 Add $89.99

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